Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Nuke It!! - Food Irradiation and Nuclear Chemistry


Food Irradiation: Weaponizing meals or making them safe for the masses?

In this post we will discuss what food irradiation actually is and how it can be achieve and described through nuclear chemistry.  This "Xtranormal" video serves as a brief introduction to what food irradiation is and why not to be afraid of it:

Next, this "Prezi" contains all sorts of information about food irradiation, from the decay of cobalt-60 to create gamma rays needed for the process, to the risks and benefits of irradiating food.


(Works and Images Cited are at the end of the the Prezi)


  1. WOW! amazing job Chris!! the Xtranormal is funny and kept my attention! it was interesting. I had no idea that food irradiation even existed! The prezi was outstanding and very thorough. You did not forget anything!! the only thing i would say is that sometimes you go into such great depth and use super fancy words that i lose you for a second and dont quite understand what you are talking about, but that just might me me! you are so smart and know what you are talking about!! other than that FANTASTIC JOB!!

  2. This is a really fun post! You really made a pretty dry topic interesting! The use of the prezi was very creative and you were very thorough in your covering of the topic. Just like what Kellye said, a few definitions of terms would be helpful for any viewer in order to format the post for all audiences. Otherwise, great job! You really did a wonderful job explaining everything and your pictures and examples were great accents to the post, WELL DONE!

  3. Good job Chris! Your Prezi and Xtranormal were very informative and well done. Like Kellye said, sometimes you may go too in depth of have too complex of information to hold the reader's attention. Overall great job and interesting topic.

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