Saturday, February 5, 2011

How about some "Creative Chemistry"?....Anyone?...

So how about short "artsy" post to stimulate the mind? Maybe a Haiku and a cool slide show? What do you think?

Well, if I could actually hear your responses, I would hope that the answer would be, "Yes! Go for it!" So without further ado:

Here is a Haiku about why and how atoms form covalent bonds by sharing electrons:


Because the electron configurations of noble gasses (8 valence electrons and completely full outer shells) are the most stable of all configurations, when forming compounds, atoms strive to gain an octet.  Thus, they will share the number of electrons needed for all atoms to have eight electrons in their highest energy level shells.

The image to the left shows how two Group 17 (7A) elements (two atoms with 7 valence electrons) can combine to create one single bond and a diatomic molecule.

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Background Image for Haiku:
Animated .gif:

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Now, here is a short Animoto (an juiced up slide show) about five or six of the simplest molecular geometries and some household items that resemble these shapes.  Enjoy!!

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See last slide of movie.


  1. Wow Chris.....awesome video...I am a chem teacher and I plan on sharing this video with my students!

  2. Hi Chris,
    As an assignment for an online class I am taking, I had to find a student blog that impressed me. Needless to say, I chose yours! I am very impressed by your use of video, the color, and the 3D electron affinity chart. I also like the chemical equation balancer at the bottom of your blog which I’m sure many chemistry students find useful. In my own classroom, I could see asking students to create a Chemistry (or Math, or Biology blog.) The students would need to post once a week as an assignment. The post could be a video, a chart, or picture but it would have to be something that related to one of the topics being taught that week. Thanks for such an inspiring blog! Morisa

  3. Hi Chris,

    I forgot to include a link to my comment about you on my's
    Thanks again! Morisa

  4. Hey, great Haiku. And people say chemistry can't be fun... Shame on them! Great site, by the way.

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